Established in April 2007, AX-ON Inc. is a renowned production powerhouse that creates all types of content and provides one-stop-shop services, including the operation of key business functions. Its production expertise spans television shows, feature films, commercials, promotional videos, and various video content for digital streaming. AX-ON maximizes the value of content with subtitles and audio descriptions. It also manages footage archives and intellectual property businesses, offers ad agency services, and remains proactive in entering new businesses. From planning to production, whether for Japan or the rest of the world, AX-ON stands by its clients every step of the way.

Making your vision 
a reality.

we all embrace the creators within ourselves to make your vision a reality.
Where content is available, let’s deliver more of them, and in every form.
Where content is unavailable, let’s create them anew.
These are the missions that drive us.
Whether it’s for television, film, commercials, digital streaming, or promo videos,we create all the video content you need.
From subtitles to audio descriptions for the visually impaired, archive footage management, advertising agency operations, and intellectual property businesses, we offer all the content-related services you need.
AX-ON is your one-stop-shop for planning, producing, and providing a comprehensive range of content and services geared towards Japan and the rest of the world.

At AX-ON, we strive to create happiness and give happiness.
Every employee addresses your needs and visions with the strong conviction that our goal is happiness.

Now more than ever,
in these times of rapid change that makes it difficult to predict what the future may bring, our wish is that through our work and the content we create, we can be a glimmer of hope to the world and bring happiness to many.

Kohjiro Kato
Representative Director , Chief Executive Officer



Production (General Entertainment)

Producing various genres of content is one of the core businesses of AX-ON. AX-ON proposes content suitable for each client's characteristics and business model.

“From Today, It's My Turn!!" was produced for Nippon TV and received high acclaim from linear platform viewers. The robust viewership led to the release of a film adaptation, subsequently met with box office success.

“Mute it!", an entertainment show also for Nippon TV, enjoys global success as a format.

“Shizuka-chan and Dad", a drama series for public broadcaster NHK, is lauded by viewers for its high quality and its archives have won awards in Japan.

AX-ON also works for various clients in the Pay TV and VoD fields such as WOWOW, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Production (Sports/News)


AX-ON boasts a stellar reputation in the live-casting and broadcasting of sporting events, such as professional baseball and football in Japan. It has substantial experience in international sporting events like the Olympics and Paralympics and multiple FIFA World Cup tournaments. Our list of clientele goes beyond Nippon TV to include DAZN, Eurosport, and independent channels on YouTube.


As reporters, directors, and producers, AX-ON personnel are always at the forefront of news coverage not only on the ever-changing global situation, but also on Japan's political, economic, and social issues.

Intellectual Property/Character Business
“SEI SEI” is an original character created by AX-ON, with related merchandise available in the market. AX-ON intends to expand its IP/Character Business further by leveraging its decades of experience in the field of entertainment.

AX-ON has extensive experience in co-productions with overseas TV stations and production companies. Past projects have been undertaken with Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and more. We are always looking forward to working with partners all over the world!

Equally important to content production is their distribution. AX-ON handles various genres of content (series, anime, non-scripted) in various forms (finished, scripted and non-scripted formats) and delivers them to both domestic and international markets.

Business Development
AX-ON is always proactively taking on challenges in new business realms. Recently, it extended its reach to non-video fields. One of the symbolic projects accomplished with this mindset is Park-PFI. AX-ON was contracted to join the members of the Private Finance Initiative of Meiji Park, a public park owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, for 20 years. AX-ON will contribute to managing the park with the profound expertise it has gained in the world of entertainment.




Let’s do business together. When you ask AX-ON to work on your production, you’re tapping into one of the smartest and hardest working groups of professionals in the production field. AX-ON is prepared to assist you in every aspect, offering the experience and knowledge of a comprehensive team who is familiar with every corner of Japan.