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Nippon Television AX-ON was founded in April 2007 as the only one “content production company” of the Nippon Television Network Corporation Group.

Japan’s Largest TV Production HUB

AX-ON is one of Japan’s largest and most diverse television production houses based in Tokyo. It is the go-to solution for international studios in need of help for their projects in Japan.
Whether it’s live sports, breaking news, drama, entertainment programs, feature films, live studio shows, 4K/8K production, commercials, webcasts, event planning, or even merchandising, AX-ON offers the most comprehensive production services through its nationwide network and expertise it has cultivated over 45 years.

  • Why AX-ON?

    AX-ON goes above and beyond just an ordinary production house. It has everything it takes to produce any type of creative by being the pivotal member of NIPPON TELEVISION GROUP – the #1 television brand in Japan – consisting of over 50 affiliates each geared towards specialized fields; production, technical services and facilities, design and creative, events, internet, animation, nationwide news network, foreign bureaus, to name a few.

With its incomparable resources, AX-ON’s Japan Academy Prize-winning creators produce hundreds of hours of high-caliber programs every week across all genres including large-scale international sports events such as FIFA Club World Cup, FIVB World Grand Champions Cup, MotoGP, Rugby World Cup, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
AX-ON also provides access to Nippon Television’s audiovisual archive with over 200,000 hours of footage available for different uses.
As global popularity of Japan-themed content and international production demand in Japan continues to increase towards 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, AX-ON is prepared to assist international broadcasters and studios in every aspect – because we know TV really well.

AX-ON Inc. / Nippon Television Group
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