International Media Services (IMS) is AX-ON’s international broadcasting & production services unit, geared mainly towards foreign broadcasters and studios in need of help for their projects in Japan. Whether sports, news, documentary, entertainment, or drama, IMS functions as the multifaceted production gateway, catering to international crew’s every need from pre-production, location/permit negotiation, equipment rentals, bilingual technical & production crew dispatch to OB facilitation, ENG coordination, satellite/fiber/IP transmission, production management, and post-production.

IMS not only provides direct production services to the clients but also collaborates with the rest of AX-ON departments to execute any types of needs. Being a part of NIPPON TV GROUP – one of Japan’s largest and most influential media conglomerates – IMS furthermore liaises between the clients’ unique requests and the GROUP’s numerous affiliates; Technical Services & Facilities, 4K Post Production, Soundstage Set & Art Design, Japan Nationwide News Network, Event Production, to name a few. IMS also provides access to Nippon Television’s audiovisual archive with over 200,000 hours of footage available for different uses.

IMS’s wide range of experience includes broadcast facilitation for international rights holders at 2015 & 2016 FIFA Club World Cup as the Host Broadcaster, OB facilitation & production management for Discovery Networks Denmark at Kirin Cup Soccer 2016, SAWBS venue management at 2017 Sapporo Asian Winter Games, production liaison at 2015 Rugby World Cup and Rio 2016 Olympics, co-producing Malaysia-Japan docutainment Welcome To The Railworld for 8TV (Malaysia), co-producing Philippine-Japan drama Halo Halo House for PTV (Philippine), producing studio quiz show Quiz Surprise Japan locally in Indonesia for Indovision (Indonesia), producing Super Trains – episode on a six-part Discovery Channel series Rebuilding Japan charting recovery stories from the tsunami-devastated northeast coastline, and so on.


AX-ON Production Department is mainly responsible for three areas.

Production Department has produced many acclaimed movies and visuals that are at the forefront of their times, starting with The Kirishima Thing which swept three awards at the 36th Japan Academy Prize including Best Film. Other movie productions include Kaibutsu-kun: The Movie, GOKUSEN THE MOVIE, KAIJI, KAIJI 2, ST: The Movie, as well as A Short Distance Relationship.

A wide variety of drama has been produced ranging from large-scale human dramas on 24 Hour TV to Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out and Whispers from a Crime Scene which highly attracted the female viewers. There also are entertainment thrillers such as Death Note and the fun-for-all family dramas like The Gutsy Frog. Programs other than for NTV are also produced, such as Designer Baby (NHK Drama 10), WOWOW series Akagi written by Keigo Higashino (Skyperfect JSAT), The Last Cop (hulu), MAJISUKA High School among others.

MUST Be ARASHI!, Konya Kurabete Mimashita, and Hiru Nandesu! all bring out the best of trends and popular talent. Learning is made fun with edutainment programs such as Sekaiichi Uketai Jugyo, TOKUSON: Life Hacks!, and Ariyoshi Seminar. There also are long-running shows like Sekai Marumie! TV Tokusoubu, and Guruguru Ninety Nine that have been on-air for over 20 years and still popular to this day. Another program which has become a Japanese institution and is a viewer interactive show is MASQUERADE. In addition, there is Nodojiman THE WORLD and Yomikyo Symphonic Live for the music line-up making AX-ON a true content production powerhouse to provide a full line-up of entertainment programs.


AX-ON Sports Department ensures the most important, unscripted battles of the athletes are broadcast live in the highest quality, continually pushing the boundaries to cover the crucial moments, embrace human dramas, keep searching for innovative pitches, and to deliver abundant news information. Sports Department is a group of truly professional, highly-experienced experts that has been producing and accurately covering everything from large-scale international matches to smaller victories and brave losses.

AX-ON’s sports coverage is renowned for its quality. Excellence in the services provided to broadcasters began in 1991 at IAAF World Championships in Athletics – as AX-ON, in cooperation with Nippon Television, became the Host Broadcaster. Since then, AX-ON has established itself as one Japan’s top sports productions covering countless sports attractions including FIFA World Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, FIVB World Grand Champions Cup, Rugby World Cup, MotoGP, NFL Football, Super Bowl, World Baseball Classic, FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships, WBC Title Fights, Nippon Professional Baseball, and certainly the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The playing field of Sports Department has expanded and continues to evolve to produce extensive coverage for numerous clients such as NTV, NHK, SKY PerfectTV!, J SPORTS, WOWOW, BS/CS channels, and so on.


News Department undertakes the task of creating a full variety of programs from widely-viewed daily live news shows ZIP!, NEWS ZERO to hard news, breaking news, entertainment, lifestyle programs, as well as coverage of the Imperial Family. The essence of information is accuracy, speed and understandability. And much time and passion is put into thorough information gathering to uncover truths, to discover new methods of expression, and to report in the language that viewers can understand. Many of our programs have gained a high degree of trust and continue to deliver honest and helpful information.


Infotainment Department is responsible for a broad range of programs including ones that go to the heart of the viewer like Burari Tochuu Gesha no Tabi and documentaries that delve deeply into world affairs such as Akira Ikegami Special: The Truth of Russia – 25 years Since the Collapse of the Soviet Union. The line-up also includes Fukushima reconstruction support programs, cooking shows, mini-series and infomercials. In recent years, production for overseas programming is also being done and visual content possibilities abroad are further being developed. From topics close to home to the latest IT technology, AX-ON continues to deliver culturally and socially diverse content.


Content Business Department provides the most comprehensive and versatile production services. Its field of expertise includes international media services and content production for global clients, TV/radio commercials, 4K production, rights management for overseas/domestic syndication of TV programs/movies/archive footage, data broadcast, corporate VP, PV/MV, display visuals, newspaper/magazine/poster ads, calendars, pamphlets, promotional goods, novelty production, ad agency work, EPG, news streaming, and other program-related businesses.

Content Business Department is a division not held to stereotypes, but endeavors to set the new standards for today’s visual media. Our agile and fully-conversant creators continually seek ‘what is beyond new’ and analyze the needs of the market to execute any sort of needs at anytime. Whether 4K whole-sky image production, software development, or international media strategy planning, Content Business Department with its incomparable resources and creative powers immediately responds to any types of demands, whether international or domestic.

As global needs in Japan increase leading up to 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, AX-ON Content Business Department has re-strengthened its international team to better assist foreign broadcasters with their visual production in Japan and throughout Asia. Supplying content for the overseas market is also actively done.


Our Multimedia Department is responsible for handling three areas; closed captions (variety, drama, animation, news and sports), video description (variety, drama and animation), and NTV archives.

Multimedia Department gives additional perspectives to our content to make the programs more available and accessible to the viewers. Clients for closed captions include NTV and its affiliates as well as BS/CS networks. Regardless of having a disability or not, our Department motto is ‘to convey information equally to all people.’ In order to do this, much thought goes into how to express in a manner suited for the Japanese language, a layout and the timing that is easy to read etc. Challenges are being undertaken to raise the quality of programming, such as commercials with closed captions, as well as real-time closed captions for live broadcast.

Video description takes television and movies to a new level for visually impaired viewers. We use the second sound channel for narrated descriptions of key visual elements of the show to assist people with disabilities to further participate in society. Multimedia Department also collects, maintains and supplies all the visual assets in NTV’s audiovisual archive with over 200,000 hours of footage available for different uses. These include dramas, variety shows, music programs, documentaries, news, sports, informational programs and scenic footage. AX-ON Multimedia Department is devoted to fully utilize these assets to give depth and diversity to content production.