NIPPON TV GROUP’s International Production Gateway in Japan

International Media Services (IMS) is AX-ON’s international broadcasting & production services unit, geared mainly towards foreign broadcasters and studios in need of help for their projects in Japan. Whether sports, news, documentary, entertainment, or drama, IMS functions as the multifaceted production gateway, catering to international crew’s every need from pre-production, location/permit negotiation, equipment rentals, bilingual technical & production crew dispatch to OB facilitation, ENG coordination, satellite/fiber/IP transmission, production management, and post-production.

Our Services

Our services include but not limited to;

  • – Live Production Services including OB facilitation, providing production trucks & equipment, dispatching bilingual technical & production crew.
  • – Satellite/Fiber/IP Transmission including satellite booking, SNG truck and/or fiber infrastructures coordination.
  • – Interview/ENG Coordination
  • – Pre-Production including location/permit negotiation, research, logistics, equipment rentals, bilingual crew dispatch.
  • – Post-Production including providing state-of-art 4K post production facilities.
  • – Venue Management and Production Management Services
  • – Archive Services providing access to Nippon Television’s audiovisual archive with over 200,000 hours of footage available for different uses.

IMS not only provides direct production services to the clients but also collaborates with the rest of AX-ON departments to execute any types of needs. Being a part of NIPPON TV GROUP – one of Japan’s largest and most influential media conglomerates – IMS furthermore liaises between the clients’ unique requests and the GROUP’s numerous affiliates; Technical Services & Facilities, 4K Post Production, Soundstage Set & Art Design, Japan Nationwide News Network, Event Production, to name a few.

Our Experience

IMS’s wide range of experience includes but not limited to;

  • – Broadcast facilitation for international rights holders at 2015 & 2016 FIFA Club World Cup as the Host Broadcaster
  • – OB facilitation & production management for Discovery Networks Denmark at Kirin Cup Soccer 2016
  • – Venue management at 2017 Sapporo Asian Winter Games as a member of SAWBS
  • – Production liaison at 2015 Rugby World Cup
  • – Production liaison at Rio 2016 Olympics
  • – Co-producing Malaysia-Japan docutainment Welcome To The Railworld for 8TV (Malaysia)
  • – Co-producing Philippine-Japan drama Halo Halo House for PTV (Philippine)
  • – Producing studio quiz show Quiz Surprise Japan locally in Indonesia for Indovision (Indonesia)
  • – Producing Super Trains – episode on a six-part Discovery Channel series Rebuilding Japan charting recovery stories from the tsunami-devastated northeast coastline

Why AX-ON?
Because We Are Japan’s Largest TV Production HUB

AX-ON is one of Japan’s largest and most diverse television production houses based in Tokyo. Whether it’s live sports, breaking news, entertainment programs, feature films, live studio shows, 4K/8K production, commercials, webcasts, event planning, or even merchandising, AX-ON offers the most comprehensive production services through its nationwide network and expertise it has cultivated over 45 years.

AX-ON goes above and beyond just an ordinary production house. It has everything it takes to produce any type of creative by being the pivotal member of NIPPON TV GROUP – the #1 television brand in Japan – consisting of over 50 affiliates each geared towards specialized fields; production, technical services and facilities, design and creative, events, internet, animation, nationwide news network, foreign bureaus, to name a few.

With its incomparable resources, AX-ON’s Japan Academy Prize-winning creators produce hundreds of hours of high-caliber programs every week across all genres including large-scale international sports events such as FIFA Club World Cup, FIVB World Grand Champions Cup, MotoGP, Rugby World Cup, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
AX-ON also provides access to Nippon Television’s audiovisual archive with over 200,000 hours of footage available for different uses.

As global popularity of Japan-themed content and international production demand in Japan continues to increase towards 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, AX-ON is prepared to assist international broadcasters and studios in every aspect – because we know TV really well.